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My Seven Deadly Sins

Velcome deviants,

Just for fun, let's play a game. I'm going to call it The Seven Deadly Sins. Basically, I want you to tell me exactly how you get sinful. (*ahem* Get your mind out of the gutter people!! Nothing like you're thinking!!). And when I'm done, I'm going to tag a few others to play too... look out, it just may be you...

Gluttony. What can't you get enough of, even though it's bad for you?
Sugar in all it's form's. Cigarettes. My computer. My Man, does he count? Maybe. Daytime TV and trashy magazines. This Tumblr.

Lust. What does it for you?
I'm an arms and back kind gal. I like guys who are tall, broad and tattooed.

Wrath. What makes you cranky?
Ignorance. Intolerance. Bad manners. Social injustice. Windy days. Whinging children. Being broke. Being stuck in traffic.

Envy. What makes you green?
People with iPhones. People with direction in their lives and uni degrees. The Man and all his free time. People without kids- they won't realise how easy they've got it till it's too late.

Sloth. How do you relax?
Surfing the Net. Reading the Daily Telegraph and trashy magazines. Yoga. Playing Monopoly, when I can convince the Man to play with me.

Pride. What are you inordinately proud of?
My two little cherubs. How well I handled the Bumps' birth. That I used to have a really interesting job. And in general I'm an interesting kind of person, who can hold an easy conversation. (Right? RIGHT? Yes, thank you, of course I am).

Greed. What do you get greedy for?
Chocolate. Pasta. Toast with crunchy peanut butter. Pre-mix Coke from Maccas. Chocolate mud cake with vanilla ice cream. Pepperoni pizza. Cherries.

Okey dokey. Tag you're it, no ollie ollie oxen free, to....

Lucy @ Diminishing Lucy
Sarah@ Just Me
Thea @ Do I Really Wanna Blog?

Because I know they all like games. But if anyone else wants to play, please feel free to jump on in. Happy meme-ing ladies!

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My Seven Deadly Sins + yoga