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Lori Gets All Crafty-Like

G'day my bloglettes,

I do hate to disappoint you all, but, for those who have not figured this out already (what have you been doing...?) RRSAHM is not one of those cool making-things blogs that people respond to with "Oh wow! How clever! How does she do it? I wonder if I could make that?".

I am just not an arts and crafty type person. Little, fiddly things annoy me, the smell of glue and the light glinting off sequins gives me a headache, and God help us if one of the little people swallowed a button or a press stud or something. And besides that, things like sowing and scrapbooking and painting just require so much organising, vacuuming and picking-stuff-up-off-the-floor-lest-anyone-gets-something-stuck-in-their-foot-ness. And I have trouble staying on top of that as it is. Taking up some form of craft related activity may mean giving up blogging. And we can't have that.

In fact, if you promise not tell anyone, I'll let you all in on a little secret- of all the crafty pursuits, the one I really dislike is scrapbooking. I admire you, scrappers, women with infinite patience and some idea of which colors clash and which do not, who can create mutli-layered, multi-focal masterpieces. My two attempts at scrapbooking both looked like daycare collages.

Whatever. If you want cool crafty stuff- not scrapbooking- go look at HomeGrown. Christie's got the goods.

Having said all of that, I did get the kidlets into something very crafty last week. It was muchly messy and both the Bump and the Chop still have blue paint under their toenails. It was also way fun.

It would have been way funner had it not been raining. Those of you who reside Sydney-side will understand my water-logged frustration here. Sydney people are just not used to having to stay indoors for weeks on end. It's not natural.

And it restricts your ability to effectively foot paint.

The end result of all our toenail and trouble? Here 'tis. It's a birthday present for my Dad, the Internet troll. Personally, I think it looks pretty freaking cool. Yes? Yes. Even if all that glooped on acrylic paint took three days to dry, what with the constant, pouring, flood-bringeth rain and all.

OK while we're here, ya know, on my blog, I have registered mahself with Technorati. Because apparently your blog does not exist if it is not registered with them. They are like God or the Mafia or FlogYoBlogFriday or something. And, they want me to put a claim code in to prove I own this blog. Ha! Like anyone else would want to steal it. Really. Whatever. Here 'tis.

Technorati Claim Code: RMF2CK4AD2EH

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