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Sunday, Just Me

Hi all,

My very good IRL mate Sarah from JustMe has started a brand new meme. And it is a lovely one. It's called Sunday, Just Me.

Muchly self explanatory, really. Get out from behind the camera and post a photo of yourself.

It's supposed to be a photo taken in the last week. Erm.. fail. No photos of me last week. And no one here to take one now. And whenever I try to take photos of myself they turn out awful. Anyone would think, looking at them, that I have gigantic nostrils and a massive chin. I don't. Maybe a slightly larger than normal chin, but not massive.


Here's a kinda recent photo of me, from March this year. It's one of the only decent photos of my favorite photos of myself. Namely because I'm all dressed up and looking pretty. This does not happen very often.

And here's the close up, cropped up, prettied up version.

And- tra la la la!- that's Sunday, Just Me. Who wants to play along...?

Shameless self promotion ahead: Oh, and just in case you missed it yesterday, I'm doing a totally crap giveaway. Starts tomorrow. Be here or be... not... here. Or something.

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