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As promised, it's sexy guest post time.. take it away Lucy!!

Hello all........Lucy from Diminishing Lucy here

Scary. To be writing a sexy post to match Lori's antics.........

We don't get out much, the lovely husband and I.

We have no family nearby; we have three small children, so "hot dates" are a rarity.

But we do have friends who baby sit for us on occasion. The ever lovely Alice & Ben, who we have know for over a decade, who have their own, older children, and who adore our little children. Who happily appear after their respective work days on a Friday, at our house, to have a nursery tea with the kids, to bath them, and to read them stories and put them to bed, so that the lovely husband and I can go out.

So we can go out and pretend that we have a life!


So we can go out and watch a movie that isn't by Mr Disney or Mr Pixar.

So we can go out and eat curry rather than chicken nuggets.

So we can go out and hold each others hands, rather than the much stickier mitts of our children.

So we can skip down the road like bright young things, rather than skipping with a six, four and three year old.

So we can nip out in the two seater Porche rather than the seven seater Captiva.

So we can run out of the house unencumbered with bags of kid crap, with nothing more than a dinky little clutch holding nothing more than a credit card and my mobile. (Which is on silent, so that if there IS a drama, I can cheerfully ignore it.)

But one of the problems that this delightful scenario presents us with is this:

We have spent all evening together. No TV, no blog, no Twitter.

We are loved up.

We have flirted over the poppadoms.

Made eyes over the dahl.

Stroked hands & rubbed thighs whilst watching a rom com.

Gone too long without a bonk...........

So we are hot to trot.

Gagging for it.

Crackling with anticipation and lust.

Desperate to get home and rip each others clothes off and do what grown ups do..........shag the arse off each other..........

But the babysitting situation.....ummmmmm, can you feel the deflation? The cooling of ardour? Dare I say it, the anti-climax?

But wait!

We have the perfect, if slightly ropey solution.

It works.

It is hilarious.

It makes our nights out even riper with anticipation.......

We go teenagers.

We have found a spot, with a view. A screw with a view, no less! Hahhaha!

It is not particularly romantic, nor tender coupling. it is not warm, nor sensual.

It is, however, hilarious, fast, knee trembling, naughty, and very very sexy.

It works, for works very well indeed.....

(Note to self. Must 'phone and organise a babysitter for sometime soon...............)

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