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Just Me, and my tattoo

Hey there blog-a-deedles,

It's time for Sunday, Just Me again. Missed it last week...? It's a fun, easy way to meme. Just post a piccie of you, or something that represents you, taken in the last week (or thereabouts).

This week, I'm showing off my tattoo. It's damn cute, even if I do say so myself. Which I do.

Yuh, that is Jiminy Cricket, from the Disney Pinocchio movie. He's a little conscious on my shoulder. He's a little faded and fallen out, and is often mistaken for a bug or a butterfly.

Oh, and do forgive the crap-tastic-ness of the photos. We can hold the Man responsible, yes? Yes.

Jiminy's had my back for almost 10 years now- I got him etched there when I was 19 years old. It hurt. Muchly. A tattoo feels like one long, vibrating cat scratch. I'll let you in on an embarrassing secret- the tattooist had to stop halfway through this tattoo, after I went into shock, blacked out for a moment, then threw up. Poor bloke. We both needed a cigarette before he started up the gun again.

Why Jiminy? Actually, totally by chance. I was downloading pictures of Betty Boop off the 'Net (way back in the day. I was using AOL) looking for one to use as a tattoo- I love Betty Boop. I downloaded Jiminy by mistake and he just.. spoke to me. In the way cartoons do.

Being the sadist I am, I'm planning to go back for more ink, to represent my kids-a four leaf clover for the Chop, and a daisy for the Bump. I was booked in to get a shooting star tattooed on my arm three years ago. Four days before my appointment, I discovered I was pregnant. And I've been gestating or lactating ever since. As soon as my body is all mine again, a new tattoo is one of the first things I'm gonna do.

And, hey, after two childbirths, my pain threshold has got to be higher than it was when I was nineteen.. right?

What about you? Got ink...?

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Just Me, and my tattoo + sunday just me