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Good Things Come in Small Packages


OK, first off, this one is sponsored by Nuffnang. (Read on, believe me, it could win you a thousand bucks...)

My name is Lori, and I am shortie. A munchkin. I'm tiny. (Personally, I prefer 'elfin', but any of those other terms will do).

I'm 158 centimeters. That about five foot two, I think. It's the same height as Kylie Minogue.

I am OK with this. I've grown accustomed to being small. I am the person who can shop in the kids clothing section, and still needs to get her pants taken up.

I have to stand on tiptoes to kiss the Man, even when I'm wearing heels.

Lori: Short. Even in heels.

I'm so short that if I walk at an automatic door from an angle, it doesn't open. I'm not tall enough for the sensor to see me. Stop laughing.

And I was that kid who was always in the front row of school photos.

I used to complain to my mum about it, always being the shortest (that, and my freckles). Her response, bless her, was always "Good things come in small packages, Lori". (And for the freckles, it was, "They're not freckles, Lori, they're kisses from the sun.")

Anyhoo. Freckles aside, good things do, indeed, come in small packages. Cottees know this, obviously. Because, just in time for summer, they've released their Cottees cordials in 1 litre bottles.
Don’t be alarmed. They make be smaller, but they are just as good….

  • It’s makes the same amount of cordial- 10 litres- for the same price.
  • All your favorite flavors are still available, just in 1 litre packs.
  • It’s twice as strong, so you only use half as much.
  • These cute little bottles are easier to pour, store and carry, and much better for the environment, what with less packaging and all.
Let's just call it a Lori size bottle, shall we..?

Here's a closer look. To scale.

New bottle compared with...

..milk bottle (much easier to carry than that giant lug of a thing)....

..... the Man's stinky shoe (much more compact than that too!).

*Ahem* Moving on- here's the $1000 part- I want you to tell me, right here in the comments section, your own best experience or time, when good things have come in small packages.

The best response across all the blogs hosting wins $1000 from the totally awesomeness people at Cottees. Check out the finer details here at Nuffnang, and the small print T & C's are here.

So. Get your itty bitty teeny weeny thinking caps on, jellybeaners, and tell me what you got....

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Good Things Come in Small Packages + yep this ones sponsored