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Lost and Found: One Pair of Shoes, Missing Owner

There's no place like home,

Aloha, jellybeaners. This is a Lost and Found announcement from the Purple House, bought to you by RRSAHM.

Just recently- well, actually not quite so recently, it was a good two months ago now- my precious little baby Bump turned one. As is the birthday tradition in the Purple House, we threw a big birthday barbecue bash. Lots of guests, lots of food, lots of kids in the spa and sandpit, lots of fun. Also lots of mess to clean up afterward. Two days worth of mess. Overflowing otto bins, sand in every crevice of every cushion on the lounge. Next year, I'm totally doing a PlayMaze Party, where they cater and clean. Not at my house.

As you can see, the Bump had a fabulous time. And that is the most important thing. Right? Right. It's totally worth it.

*Ahem* Totally.

Moving on. A very peculiar event occurred at the Bump's first birthday. Or, actually, after the Bump's first birthday party.

You see, someone left their shoes behind.

Now, that's odd to begin with. It was summer, it was hot, most people slipped their shoes off... but surely you would notice if you left your shoes behind...eventually?

And when you did notice, you would think you would ask for them back. But so far, nada. Nothing. not a word, from a single party guest.

Therefore, before I deposit them gracefully in the Lifeline second hand clothing bin, I fear it's only fair to do an official Lost and Found announcement for them, here on my blog. Because... well... where else would I do an official Lost and Found announcement, but here...?

Where: The Purple House.

Belonging to: My best guess is, a guest at the Bump's first birthday party. Unless we have some kind of shoe fairy, Which would be fabulous, but, like most of my fairies, she is doing a totally crap job. See below.

Description: One pair of very pretty, flat red strappy shoes. Size 9. Which is unfortunately a good two sizes too big for me, or this notice wouldn't exist because I would have already claimed them.

Claimage: Please call 0410 RRSAHM, or contact me via telekinesis. Or, ya know, send me a message on FaceBook, or something.

So... there you go. Bizarreness. I'm still trying to figure out who could possibly leaves their shoes behind. Bojangles, Auntie Mickey and the Mother of Princess Boofhead are the usual suspects, but they all swear the shoes don't belong to them.

My life just gets weirder. If anyone can shod (boom tish!) some light on this one, help me out here?

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Lost and Found: One Pair of Shoes, Missing Owner + shoegasm