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No FlogYoBlog today- gratuitous cute photos of my kids instead!

A muchly merry Christmas Eve to you, my jellybeans!!

No FlogYoBlog Friday today. Sorry. But I figured we'll all be far too full sick of wrapping presents ticked of with our over-excited children busy to do much blog flogging anyway.

So, again for the slow ones- no FlogYoBlog Friday this week. OK? OK.

The good news is, FlogYoBlog will return next Friday for a special New Years' Eve Blog Flogging Edition. Yes, I'm running a linky list on New Years Eve. But my rationale is- if you're anything like me, you are a total loser and stay home on New Years Eve because of the damn pushy crowds and that loud doof doof music you would really rather spend New Year's at home with your kids. So, after you promise to wake the kids for midnight (yeah, right!) and they flake on the lounge, you can all come online and we can all get blind p*ssed drunk and leave annoying anonymous comments on each others blogs. Sounds like my idea of fun.

In other news, RRSAHM is having a mini break between now and New Years Eve. I'll still be around- we all know I have serious withdrawals if I go a full day without Twitter, and start sleep-Tweeting with my imaginary iPhone- and I'll probably even publish a time or two (because not publishing on this blog for more than 48 hours also causes me serious psychological withdrawal effects that manifest themselves through me screaming at the Man). But I'll be taking it easy and recovering from Christmas. I highly recommend you do the same.

So.. that's it. A very Merry Christmas to you. If you happen to see a fat, hairy man sneaking around your house tonight, call the cops.

Christmas, FlogYoBlog, and more:

No FlogYoBlog today- gratuitous cute photos of my kids instead! + weWISHyouamerryxmas