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One last post from the Purple Before. I almost deleted it, because it's mostly irrelevant- certainly since it's sat in my Drafts folder for so long.... but I hate to delete posts unpublished. And it's a point worth making.



Some of you may have seen, a little while back, I posted over at WoogsWorld. It was a tongue in cheek, silly post about the Man doing and EBay search for the word 'C**T', and it was written for this purpose of being flippant, sharing the sillier parts of my mundane life, and making myself giggle.

It's sat badly with my ever since.

Not the use of the Bad Word. I'm an adult, I'm quite OK with it. I don't particularly like my vagina being referred to as a c**t, but, hey, a word's a word. It was more the fact that in that post, I managed to use the word 'c**t'. But not the word vagina.

I'd hardly call myself a feminist. I have the feminist principles as any women who grew up with the 80's and 90's as her back drop- I am woman, hear me roar. But it's a given, not something we have to fight for.

But I am an advocate of women recognising and owning their own sexuality. Taking it all back, not just the word 'c**t'.

So. A statement. I'm OK with the cunt.

But I'm more OK with word...


In fact, I'm quite a fan of my vagina. It is beautiful. It's served it's purpose, done it's thing,and it's a huge part of my identity, a married, sexually aware women.

I'm also OK with the words clitoris, labia and vulva.

Words are funny things, yes? I blogged not long ago about the sentiment meaning more than the solidity of language. Maybe this makes me a hypocrite, I don't know.

Whatever. The point here seems to be, to me, that in this case my sentiment wasn't wrong, or right. Probably just stupid. And, really, stupidity is no excuse.

So... that's all. That's probably enough for one day, yes? I know, this may seem like an odd post, but this blog- including the guest posts I do- are an extension of me. And don't like to think that I'm in any way responsible for disempowering women. Even if it's just through a silly posts about the word 'c**t'.

Any-hoo-ha. I'm OK with the word vagina. Are you?

[Image used is vagina-inspired artworks from Etsy. I pinched it from this blog, which has been dormant for a while. The seller's credentials are listed there.]

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