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Little Kids Wearing Make Up…

*Dum dum dum* (Insert dramatic look here.)

Make up for little kids. It sounds so suspect doesn't it? Every mum I've mentioned this product to has, at first, stared at me, eyes wide in shock. I think they're picturing four year olds in high heels and leather skirts, and I'm not even joking there. The sexualisation of children in the media is blatant and causes the kinds of problems that filter through every little crevice of society.

"Play make-up", I reiterate hastily. "Like dress ups...?"

My daughter the Bump is two and a half years old and very much the girly girl. She insists on sleeping in her fairy wings and tiara, gets pouty if her hair isn't done by a certain time in the morning and will only wear "pretty ballerina skirts".

And she loves make up. Why not? She begin watching me, entranced, at the age of about eighteen months, sitting on a stool in the bathroom while I applied mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss. It was around the age of two that she started to insist on sharing the experience. And that lasted about two months before it got really un-cute and began to annoy just the tiniest bit. Which escalated in time with her demands for "More!", and was capped off by the unenviable experience of dropping a child off at day care while she still had faint stains of red lipstick all over her face.

Evidently, I'm not the only one with this problem. An Aussie mum with two little princesses of her own has, bless her, come out with a set of totally child-friendly play make up called Pure Poppet. And, being awesome, she sent us some to try.

And we adore.

The full kit contains 'perfume'- water and lavender in a tiny spray bottle; 'lipstick'- colorless lip balm that tastes and smells yummy; six shades of powdered mineral make up that is nowhere near as messy as it looks; and some tiny sponges and eyeshadow applicators.

The mineral make up is the most awesome thing since the Internet. It's a soft, loose powder designed to be shaken out a tiny bit at a time- you control how much they use- and it washes off with a face cloth and warm water. Like, really washes off. No faded remnants and no Twilight-style skin sparkles. It's free from 'Ferric Ferrocyanide, artificial dyes, FD&C colours,talc, Carmine (also known as Cochineal), Bismuth Oxychloride, mineral oil (and its derivatives)and paraben preservatives.' I do not have the faintest idea what that actually means, but I think it says that it's got no nasty stuff in it and is perfect for sensitive toddler skins.

Now, before we all start with the "Won't somebody please think of the boys?!" gender-specific toy panic... chillax. The Chop has just as much fun with the Pure Poppets set as we did. Mixed with a little bit of water, the mineral powders become a light, non-toxic face paint. Meet Choppa Smurf.

I used to face paint when I was clowning so I can tell you, quite honestly, that the Pure Poppets powders mixed with water are good- they look fantastic, feel smooth as silk, and come off easily.

I've made the executive parenting decision that this might be one of things that's only a big deal if parents let it be- wanting to play dress ups, emulating the adults around them, it's the most natural thing in the world for a child to do. And, really, what's so bad about make up, when it makes you feel so good...?

The Bump gives Pure Poppet Play Makeup Kit four out of a possible five jellybeans. One eaten due to the expense of the pack (sad, but true...)
Anyway. Let the discussion begin, if there is to be one. If not, leave a comment anyway- that's the way you win a Pure Poppet set for you and your little girls- or boys. Pure Poppet have mini Play Packs available, but I've got three of the full size Play Makeup Kits, valued at $39.95, for you lot to tussle over.

Here's the t and c's...

To enter this competition, leave a comment telling me what is your must-have item for your make up and why. Gentleman, your question is the same- use your imagination if you must.

The answer that amuses or confuses me the most wins. My decision is final and no discussion will be entered into.

This one's open to Australian residents only, sorry OS peeps. Next time.

Entries open at Wednesday 4th April and close midnight Tuesday 17th April.

The winner will be announced via RRSAHM’s FaceBook page and Twitter feed, and probably in the newsletter as well. Winners will be emailed and have 48 hours to respond to that email, or the prize will be redrawn.

Comments must have a valid email address to be included in this competition.

And that's that. Tawdry, growing-up-too-fastness... or innocent dress up antics. It depends on how you skew your view of the world.

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Little Kids Wearing Make Up… + Win stuff