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Blogging Is Just Weird

Blogging can be all kinds of weird.

Some days, you'll spend hours crafting a post, writing and re-writing, thinking and editing.... and no one will pay any attention whatsoever.

And, other days, there are posts that you write out quickly and barely look at it again, the catharsis of them coming through bleeding out the words in the first place. You hit publish and file them away in your own mental archives, with hundreds of others, not expecting anyone to pay much attention...

And they get picked up and syndicated by BlogHer.

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Excuse me while I rest back here on my laurels for a bit.

It's comfortable, and I'm tired.

And besides, laurels smell just lovely.


Apologies for the bugs in the commenting system the last few days. I'd like to blame a new mobile blog reader app that may have just been released... but truly, it was my own fault for ticking the wrong box.

Fingers crossed, the gremlins will migrate elsewhere soon.

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Blogging Is Just Weird + stuff that makes me happy