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Blog This challenge 36- Day in the life of a SAHM

Blog 'dat, peoples,

It's Blog This Challenge Number 36. The assignment, should you choose to accept it, it to take us through your week, your day, or a leedle bit of your life. Entries close tonight, voting starts tomorrow.

Now, my life is exceptionally dull. So I'm happy to bring you just the first hour. Enjoy!

Chop, it's still dark. It's not wake up time yet.
Chop, honey, see how it's still dark outside? Still not morning.
OK. You wanna come into mummy's bed?
Lay down and go to sleep. Please.
I mean it. Lay down and got to sleep.
Ahh, now you've woken your sister.Good morning Bump.
Ok, you play with your cars while mum feeds Bump.
We sit on our bottoms on the bed, please.
No jumping, please.
Chop, sit down now!
OK, let's go down for breakfast.
You sit there, Bump. I'll be with you in a minute.
Chop, Vegemite or jam?
Vegemite or jam?
Hold on, Bump, mummy's coming.
Hold on, sweetie, I'm coming.
I'm coming.
Chop, you must be finished breakfast if you're throwing it all over the floor.
Finish your toast, please.
Ok, monkey, let me wipe your face and hands, please.
Come back here!
One hand, other hand, face. Thank you.
Now go and play while I dress your sister.
Chop, do not throw things at your sister's head.
OK, your turn. Which shirt today, this or this?
No, we can't wear Elmo, he's in the wash.
OK, come here please.
You can't wear your pyjama's all day.
Do not throw things at your sister's head. I mean it.
Righto then, Mummy needs five minutes to get dressed, OK?.....
What on earth is going on down there?!?!

We'll leave it there. Really, you don't want to hear the rest. Ahhh, it's a good life, if you're into that kinda thing....

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Blog This challenge 36- Day in the life of a SAHM + sleep