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EveryBody's Body Is (Still) Beautiful

I find myself just a bit spun out to find it's been twelve entire months since last year’s I Heart My Body link up. When I took the photos for last year's post, I'd only been here, in the TinyTrainHouse, a matter of weeks.

It feel as though I just closed my eyes for a moment... and a whole year has passed.

But the year before that, with photos taken by Tony... that feels like a lifetime ago.

I'm cheating, just a little bit this year. Rather than posing in my undies and taking selfies in the bathroom mirror, I'm using the awesome boudoir photos that uGook did for me a few months back.

I've always wanted photos like these done– some kind of testament, for when I'm old and saggy and greyer than I already am. A testament that once upon a time I had it... whatever 'it' is. Nice legs, at least, so I've been told, even if slightly out of proportion. (I've resisted the urge to PhotoShop my tummy to flatness. It was difficult. It feel alike I should say ’You're welcome’, but I'm not sure what for.)

Strangely enough– and this is only occurring to me just now, as I write this– I haven't paid all that much attention to my body the last twelve months or so. It's been a vessel for my frenzied time management, and a vestibule for my own pleasure. Other than that... it's just kind of here. Attached to my mind. I forget about it a lot- I forget to look at it a lot.

This slightly neglected, very much taken for granted body of mine... it's pretty damn cool.

I am, as I have been the last few years, kinda proud of my body. I'm proud of its functionality, it's endurance and the strength it must hold, in places beneath the skin, unseen. I like surprising people when the discover I am, physically, much stronger than I first appear. In the last twelve months, my bodies taken me motorbike riding, trapeze flying and, most recently, abseiling and canyoning (details of that, coming Monday... Read along while I cry like a big girl). And next year, it's taking me hiking through the jungles of Borneo.

It's definitely not perfect. But my body... I like it. It's an entirely good place to reside.

Everybody's body is beautiful, and everybody's body is welcome to join in this one. Show as much or as little as you like... just be loving it.

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EveryBody's Body Is (Still) Beautiful + my head is an awesome place to live