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What's With The Jellybeans...?

Final answer, to the final part of Cynthia's question...

"BTW, I have always wondered -- why jellybeans? Is it an Aussie thing?" I don't really have an answer to that.

I just really, really like jellybeans.

Speaking of jellybeans, presenting the winning shots from that awesome jellybean photo shoot uGook did for me for not long ago.... *insert drum roll here*

It's a dead heat. Seems we just can't choose between Photo Number Four....

.... and Photo Number Six.

And, because this just seems to be the way my head works, I've decided I also really, really like this photo here...

Mix those altogether, stir and shake, bake for an hour and you get something that looks pretty much like this...

Ta-da!! The new RRSAHM header. Kind of. Only, you know, I might get an actual real graphic designer to make it look all proper and un-pixilated and stuff.

What do we think? Love? Yes. I know. You love.

I do, too.

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What's With The Jellybeans...? + stuff that makes me happy