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The Variety Santa Fun Run!

Not last weekend bu the one before, The Chop, the Bump and I did the Variety Santa Fun Run in Darling Harbour, Sydney. There were over 1500 Santa's. We took off from the Start line at 9am. By the time us three skinny, sweaty hit the Finish line, the temperature had risen to 36 degrees Celsius. (That's 96.8 in American Fahrenheit. That's hot.)

I am going to pause for a Proud Mummy Moment here. My little man, who will turn five years old in a week, walked the entire five kilometers (that's just over 3 miles American) without complaining, whinging or sooking once.

While his little sister sat back and relaxed in the stroller like the princess she is.

That's a super effort for a five year old. For that, if nothing else, sponsor us here- you still have plenty of time, and every dollar raised for Variety's children's charities is well worth it.

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The Variety Santa Fun Run! + weWISHyouamerryxmas