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The Former Clown Chronicles Vol 4- Join the Circus

Aloha readle deedles,

At the request of the gorgeous rude girl from Really?- I taught myself to de-code DVD's and upload to YouTube, just for you- here is a video of me juggling done by my Love-Affair-Turned-Sour, Gooba the Clown*, classy bloke that he was. Please excuse the fart noises I promise they were inserted with the soundtrack. This one's from a couple of years ago- my hair is now a bit shorter and a bit lighter, I have gained a couple of kids and lost a couple of kilos, that is no longer my lounge room but I still own those pants. Imagine that.

By the way, love you too Mel, and your dirty potty mouth. F*ck. Believe you me, had you had not been a huge long plane flight away, I woulda asked you to do the honors and remove the contraceptive from my vay-jay-jay, I promise.

* Note- on the off chance that Gooba has linked here from Facebook (unlikely due to his extreme self-centred-ness) I know he would like me to say- the above video is all his work, OK? His brilliant, awe-inspiring work. I take absolutely not one particle of credit for it, lest I infringe on his intellectual copyright or ruin the sanctity of magic of some such BS *insert rolling eyes here*.

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The Former Clown Chronicles Vol 4- Join the Circus + random