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5ive Things I Hate About You

Not, not really. I just like that phrase. It fires up my inner Miley Cyrus. That can only be a good thing- right?

Once again, I've been tagged by quite a few people in a meme. The latest was Katie at No missed Oppurtunites, so she gets the credit.

And the meme goes like this....

Where were you five years ago?
Just at the end of my transition from uni student to full time clown. At a pretty darn good place in my life, actually. Oh, and I was living in a tiny little flat with the dimensions of a shoebox on the Wrong Side of the Tracks. When I moved here, to the leafy 'burbs, the absence of sirens actually kept me awake at night.

Where would you like to be five years from now?
Erm. Still here, breathing, is my only requirement. Anything else is a bonus. Another baby, maybe? Maybe. Or maybe a Real Job.

Five Things On Your To Do List for today?

*Change sheets
*Dust (it's not dust, OK? It's a post feminist statement).
* Buy a new nose stud. For the eight millionth time.
*Call best friend's other best friend to arrange a bridal shower for fore-mentioned best friend.
*Chop up taco stuff for dinner.

Five Snacks You Enjoy.

*Raw vegetables
*Hahaha not really. Got you there, didn't I? Thought you were on the wrong blog for a second!

Looks healthy, doesn't it? Look again, people. That's chocolate sushi.

What Are Five Things You Would Do If You Were A Billionaire?
*I'm actually not going to answer this question properly. Because if I were a billionaire, I could do just about any damn thing I wanted. And I would have a lot of trouble restricting myself to five things. Oh. Hold on, wait...
*Donate heaps of money to charity. Providing it's tax deductible.
*World peace.
*Feed starving penguins the scraps from my five star chef's meals.

I am so joking. I promise. No hate mail, OK? *sigh* Alright then, if you must.

When your finished writing your nasty emails, I'm tagging the following bloggers... (if they haven't already done this meme by the time I publish this post. Which is highly possible).

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Happy meme-time!

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