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I gots a new phone! Hold your breath, wait for it…

..... no! it's not an iPhone!

I know, anti-climax much? Sorry. But a new phone was a matter of necessity, not luxury. And the budget didn't quite cater to an iPhone. So I am still officially iJealous. (Which is almost a good thing. After all, what would I have to blog about if I actually got an iPhone? Nada, nothing, zip; that's what).

Early (ish) this morning I embarked on an expedition, limited only by my budget; the count down to sleep time; hectic, feral children and the incompetent rudeness of the staff my local Vodafone store, I adopted a Samsung SGH-F480i. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

Ah well. It's pink (yay!!). Coral pink, in fact (double yay!!). It has a touch screen. Rude incompetent staff swore to me it is Twitter enabled. And FaceBook too, which is an unfortunate oversight on Samsung's behalf. But, you know, whatever.

Pretty and sparkly and obviously no, that is not a picture of my actual phone, because I am too lazy to get the camera out and take a picture and upload it and how much easier will that all be once my new phone is all juiced up?! Awesomeness.

I did make the mistake of buying a faux leather cover for my pretty new pink phone. In red. Which will clash terribly with the phone itself. I was distracted by two small demon children and desperately in need of nicotine by that point.

Um. The red case is kinda like this one. Except, of course, not for an iPhone. But this is the best Google Images had to offer. And, ya know, I'm lazy. The Google God is mocking me. And I'm starting to think he needs his own tag on my blog.

You see, the Man has gone away for the weekend. I'm Single Mum-ing it and I'm extraordinarily frazzled. After 48 hours, I've already been distracted enough to let my child suck on a potentially dangerous object (baby drool and phones don't mix, OK? Thus, new phone becoming a matter of necessity). The Purple House looks like the aftermath of a drunken Toys'R'Us Christmas party. And I am clashing my phone with it's accessories.

Honestly, I don't know how Real Life Single Mummies do it. Hats off to you, ladies. Two days in your shoes shows me how freaking precious I actually am.

Anyways, I can't actually tell you if the phone is super cool or sux hard because, obviously, I haven't used it yet.

So... erm... hang out for the review post, OK? Or something. I just thought I'd share my excitement with you. Not total excitement, because it is not the fabled iPhone, but excitement none the less.

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I gots a new phone! Hold your breath, wait for it… + Twitter