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If Handy Manny Were A Real Live Person…


Ohh yeah, this is one of those review posts again. I was lucky enough to get a DVD to review- Handy Manny- A Very Handy Holiday. Featuring everybody's favorite Disney dude-with-a-hammer- Handy Manny!!!

The Chop loves Handy Manny. It has boys stuff- like tools and ladders and saws and stuff- but it also has some awesomely boppy music. It makes me wanna salsa.

Being a Christmas DVD, there is lots of Christmas carols in this one. They even break into Auld Land Syne (I hate that song) when it gets to New Years. The usual bits and pieces happen- stuff breaks, Manny and his team of agitated, bouncy tools get stuck in and fix it, just in time. (I swear Manny's tool set gets into his coffee every morning before he wakes up. That would explain why they are so.. buzzy.) It's all about teamwork, cooperation and lateral thinking. And it's a lovely way to introduce little kids to the (non-religious) elements of the festive season- lighting the tree, counting down to midnight on the 31st. All the stuff they never see to be awake for anyway.

It's quite a lovely DVD. It had the Chop running around asking "Where's the miracle, Mum? Where's the miracle?" (No, I wasn't quite sure how to answer that one either). And this DVD had two bonus Tigger and Pooh episodes on it- we love Tigger and Pooh!!

OK, so, all that aside- the bit where you win stuff is coming up in a moment too, chill out- something occurred to me while I was fanging out watching this DVD with the Chop instead of doing the gazillion other things I should have been doing. And that something was...

If Handy Manny were a real live person, he'd be a dead set spunk.

*Ahem*. This is where I tell those of you who don't know what a 'spunk' is that it means a 'hottie'. 'Good looking'. 'Sexy'.

I have a cartoon crush on Handy Manny. No one panic, it's OK. In fact, it's completely understandable.

Let's look at the facts here. He's single ( I think. That blonde chick is always hanging around, but we could totally take her). He's smart. He's good looking. He has a truly awesome accent. He owns his own business. He's polite and well mannered. He has a toolbox full of minions (not a euphemism). He's a handyman, so he'd come home all dirty and smudgy and sexy and stuff.

And, the Manny can dance. In fact, the Manny can salsa. If you don't believe me, check it out.

I rest my case. Handy Manny is a dead set spunk. OK? OK. And I, evidently, watch far too much TV and need to get out of the house a lot more.

Whatever. This is the bit where you get to win stuff. Not Handy Manny, unfortunately- I'm keeping him all to myself- but a copy of Mickey's ClubHouse- Mickey saves Santa. We actually have a copy of this here in the Purple House, so I can vouch for it's awesomeness- Mickey is always a hit. As is Little Einsteins, which is the bonus feature on this DVD. It's another great show to introduce pre-schoolers to Santa and some Christmas themes, without a potential sensory and sugar overload.

To win this DVD, my lovelies, I want you to tell me- have you ever had a crush on cartoon character? Who? Why? No? Why not? This one is open to Australian and NZ residents only (sorry everyone else, you really need to move Down Under). If you want to enter but not answer my stupid question, just say "I want to enter the competition, but I don't want to answer your stupid question, Lori". And that will count as an entry too.

Entries close 8pm Wednesday 10th November . Winner is chosen at random and I'll let you all know who the lucky mouseketeer is, on the blog and by email- on Friday the 12th November.

Feliz navidad, everybody!!

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