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What Do You Call A Post Like This?


What do you wear, on the worst day of your life, your husband's funeral..?

White, blue and fuck you too. Just like my wedding. Except with a lot more of the 'fuck you'.

Bizarrely, every time I upload this photo anywhere, it's sideways. On my PC, and on Picnik, it's the right way up. Upload it to FaceBook, Blogger or Twitter and it's sideways. Weird.

If you been reading since the Before, you know... a photographer, I ain't. But, hey, I do my best. This is my new favourite piece of jewelery. A huge thank you to Bec from Girls Gone Child, who sent it over to me.

Three peas in a pod. Me, and my kidlets.

Quite sadly, as we know, I cannot freaking stand the colour purple anymore. So, the Purple House is now a place of dreams and the occasional nightmare.

(I said to Tony, in the hospital- "I always told you that I felt like the last five years was a dream, and that I was afraid of waking up. This is waking up. This is the beginning of a nightmare. I'm not sure if I'm asleep, or awake anymore.")

And we live in The GingerBread House instead.

My Chop, on the beautiful, sunshine-y day when we spread Tony's ashes. My little man, who I will always be worried about, fret about. And I'm sure there's more coming on that later.

And my Man (Father of The Year, hello? It's a doll, people. A doll. No one panic.) Who I miss so much right now, it's like missing a limb.

My mind, it tricks me into thinking he's still here. I checked my blog stats today. And the first thing I thought was "Wow, what till I show Tony!".

And, finally, some Thank Yous. From the very bottom of my heart, the place where gratitude rests and grows and lives and sings songs of hope to me.

Bloggers, Glow....



....and my beautiful Fairy Saerie.

You know what you have done. there are plenty more people to thank, but you three... you have a place in my heart, forever.

And a quick poll for you, my readers. I have posts, in my Drafts folder, from Before. Just normal posts,. about normal life. Do I publish them, or not..? I'm thinking Yes.

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What Do You Call A Post Like This? + The After.