Super Sonic + whatever.

$25, Well Spent

For fear of being stabbed to death with pitchfork tongues, caught in the midst of a mid-90's radio stoush that has somehow spilled over onto the interwebs*; today's crap sponsored post that I was handsomely rewarded for has been moved to later this week. Or something. No one paid me to do this one- sadly enough, I come up with this kind of crap all by myself.

Think $5 will get you next to nothing in this day and age...? Think again.

*No idea what I'm talking about...? Me either, really. You can start with this article on mummy bloggers having nothing to fear, maybe, read between the lines and work back from there.

And you still may have no idea what the f*ck is going on.

The Aussie blogosphere is a very strange place to be at the moment. Roll with the punches.

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$25, Well Spent + whatever.